The weather in Myanmar is generally quite hot, but between different seasons there will be significant differences. You need to know which season is the tourist season and what activities to plan for a reasonable. Note that Yangon time zone is 30 minutes slower than Hanoi.

Best time to visit myanmar

Starting from the end of October to February of next year, this is also the time that I strongly recommend that you spend the most time to Myanmar. In the middle of October it is still quite hot, but the heat will gradually decrease to 20 degrees Celsius in February, it is beautiful and it does not rain. But what's more worth mentioning is that this season in Bagan they will have a hot air balloon tour - here called Hot Air - Balloon. You've probably seen pictures of Bagan dawn with hundreds of Air Balloons flying in the blazing sky, this will not be seen if you go in another season. It's best to go back in November because I'm leaving in the end of October, but the number of Air Balloons is really not looking yet. This season is also accepted as the price of tour, room rates rise, sometimes not booked soon will not have beautiful rooms.

Low tourist season

From June to September is the rainy season of Myanmar, which has rainy season is tiring ah. All my trip just met a rain in Mandalay that was sad to do because nothing can do, the rain is really heavy and persistent. For mountainous areas, or as in Bagan, the rain is becoming muddy, because of the dirt road, which is difficult to navigate, and it is difficult to see the "special" sunshine of Burma.

Time left in the year

From March to May, the weather in Myanmar is extremely hot, the temperature in Yangon can be as high as 40 degrees. In places where many temples you would like to visit will be hindered by the heat that is hard to reach. Bare up But anyway going this season less tourists, cheaper prices also have its own advantages.