Buddhism is the heart of Myanmar culture and it pervades private and public life of the country, where a larger number of ethnic minorities live together. Throughout the year there are several Myanmar traditional festivals in honor of Buddha or animist divinities that you can attend during your Burma trip.

To prepare for a perfect trip you should know Myanmar destination and hotel is reasonably priced. This will save you a lot of time and money when traveling to Myanmar.

Myanmar destinations and hotels that you should know

Yangon capital

Yangon (former Rangoon name) is usually the first destination of the journey, except in some cases where you go to Mandalay first. My flight to Yagon at 11pm and to 8pm to catch the night bus to Bagan. So I have a pretty long day to visit Yangon. From the airport into the city the most likely option is to take a taxi, price range 9000Kyat because it is quite far. Take the group you should rent a cab for a day depending on the score you want to go, as I go 3 points is 35,000 Kyat.

Points to consider in Yangon:

Shwedagon Pagoda - One of the largest pagoda in Myanmar, beautiful and magnificent. Admission: 8000 Kyat. Should arrive here late afternoon before sunset will be most beautiful and avoid the hot brick floor because you will have to put off shoes.

Sule Pagoda: ticket to 2000 Kyat, is a beautiful temple in Yangon just behind the Shwedagon.

Buddhist Temple located: In the temple is a giant statue, although a little small but also a good place to watch. Free admission.

Bogyoke Market: The market is not open every Monday, just like Ben Thanh Market or Dong Xuan Market of Vietnam, many stalls, souvenirs, food and drink.

In addition, those who like to take street shots should wander a little in small street corners, on the road or at bus stations, stations. It is the place that best reflects the life of Yangon people.

Hotels in Yangon should choose a central location that is easy to travel, booked on Booking or Agoda.

The ancient capital of Bagan

Hotel: Royal Bagan Hotel - Room rates are $ 16.00 / night inclusive of breakfast, booked on Booking or Agoda.

Bagan has three main areas: Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyang U, and you can buy a tour to visit Popa Mountain. From the bus station to Old Bagan, there is a taxi fee of 10000Kat, and a checkpoint will be required for tourists to buy tickets. Ticket price for 5 days in Bagan is 25000Kyat, too chat, do not buy still hear if you can escape. But you need to talk to your taxi driver first to take a different route not to the ticket office, or to find a way to get in, as this station is only one kilometer away from the bus station and they are not too harsh. No barrier or anything.

Bagan is quite small, so it's good to go around this area. The most popular means of renting an electric bike is Electric Bike. You can rent at the hotel or rental property. I rented near my hotel in the Royal Bagan Hotel is only 6000Kyat / day. Rent 2 units can bid 5000-5500kyat / day / car. You should spend at least 2 days to visit Bagan.

Points of Interest:

Old Bagan Area:

This is the heart of Bagan, where most of the ancient temples, restaurants and hotels are located. Ordinary people also set up hotel stay here. Places of interest in Old Bagan:

Bulethi Temple: The temple is dedicated to the sunrise, but I noticed that the view is not very much because the temple is low, in front of a lot of wires.

Shwesandaw Pagoda: The temple see the sunset and dawn with the Air Balloon because the four sides of the temple are beautiful, high and monumental. Should go to the temple range from 4 to 5 am to get the place, afternoon should also be a little early. This is also the only one of them that checks your Bagan ticket (the 25k Kyat ticket), but you keep saying your friend is holding the ticket, and they are not talking. What is that!

Ananda Temple: The most outstanding temple in Bagan because it is brightly painted. Inside, there are also many things to look at as treasures, statues, and even artwork.

Dhammayangyi Temple: This is the largest temple in Bagan that if you watch the sunrise in Shwesandaw you will see the direction of the sunrise near the temple. The temple is quite large but the stairs up quite small.

Shwezigon Temple: This temple is also quite beautiful with the main yellow color, separated from the sacred temple temple in Bagan. I do not go to the temple but there is a river station and especially the long corridor with beautiful sunshine to photograph.

The remaining temples are considered as the highest temple Bagan Thatbyinnyu, Htilo Minlo Temple, Sulamani Temple.

New Bagan and Nyang-U

To get to New Bagan, you have to go through Old Bagan, where most of the motels are located. There are not many tourists in New Bagan, the roads are deserted, not as crowded as in Old Bagan, it seems a bit dull. Nyang-U, I have not come yet but it seems nothing special.

Popa Mountain (Mt.Popa):

Just like the Golden Rock, Popa Mountain is not really very distinctive but just a temple on the top of a mountain. To reach the top of the mountain you have to climb 777 steps around the ridge. If you wander in the heart of Old Bagan you will find plenty of tours or taxis to Mt.Popa, a two hour clock and a ticket price of 10,000 Kyat per person.


Mandalay is a large city of Myanmar and the area is quite wide, the attractions are far apart, scattered around the city center. However, compared to Bagan or Inle, Mandalay I find not very unique except the most famous bridge Ubein. If you do not have much time you can just spend a day in Mandalay also, just go the main points such as Ubein bridge, Lang Inwa, Mingun village and Mandalay Hill bypass the other side because it is not very special.

From Mandalay bus station to the city you can take a taxi or xe om, price 2500-3000 jeep taxi, taxi range 5000-6000Kyat. I ride a motorbike taxi in the city and rent a motorbike for 10000Kyat a day. If you go from 1-2 people you can rent motorbike taxi all day for 16000Kyat / car, pick points and go tired. If you go to a large group you should rent a taxi full day price range 60k-70k Kyat rented at the bus station. Attractions in Mandalay:

Ubein Bridge: The longest wooden bridge in the world and a place to catch the dawn or sunset.

Inwa Village: About 5 km south of Ubein Bridge, to go to this village need to take a 5-minute boat ride across the river at a price of 1200 kyat round trip. To reach the village, the only means is a carriage, costing 10000Kyat carrying around the village within 2h 4 points. There are two points to take money but I just go around without buying tickets inside. The horse-drawn carriage around the village is also a very special animal.

Mingun Village: There are two ways to get to this village by train or by taxi / xe om. But the road must go round so it will be far away, then again to turn around but more convenient for time. If you take the train you pay attention one day only one trip from the wharf Myan Gyan Jetty to Mingun village at 9am, ticket 5000 kyat, return trip at 1 pm. The journey time is 45 minutes.

The highlight of Mingun is the unique Hsinbyume Paya White Pagoda, followed by the Pahtodawgyi Pagoda, which is still under construction due to the earthquake, the world's second largest bell, Mingun Bell, and the lion's statue.

Mandalay Royal Palace: Located in the heart of the city center, on the map is a large square in the middle of the center like Old Town that if you go to Chiang Mai will know. The Royal Palace is a huge complex with a ticket price of 10,000Kyat.

Mandalay Hill, also known as Mandalay Hill, topped the hill to visit Sutaungpyae Paya, viewing the entire city from above.

There are also many temples and temples if you have time to visit such as Kuthodaw Temple, Mahamuni Temple, Mahagandayon Monastery or other handicraft workshops.

Hotels in Mandalay: should be booked through Booking or Agoda and selected in the central area near Mandalay Royal Palace, full service restaurant.

Lake Inle - Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a very large lake that when sailing on it I feel like I am wandering in the middle of the sea. Blue sky and white clouds with clear mountains far away, blue sea water color and fresh air create a wonderful scene that I want to stay here.

The Inle lake charge is 12,500 kyat, they collect at the checkpoint of the entrance to Nyaung Shwe, the staff will board the bus directly. Because they only collect tourists, the western balo is closed, and some Asian tourists who look similar to the Burmese may well be missed (like me).

Inle has a mountainous climate like Sapa, Dalat of Vietnam, the time here should be at least two days, one day to sail on the lake and one day bike ride to visit Nyaung Shwe, temple temples And go wine vineyard. Activities to attend in Inle:

Buy a boat trip on Inle Lake

The boat ride on the lake is similar to the floating market in Bangkok or the floating market in the west, where you rent a boat to the points in the schedule, each point is a river (lake) with different characteristics. .

As soon as you get off the bus you will meet some bait crew, or you can go to the pier to buy the tour. I go to the boat of the doctor Zaw Liwn extremely happy, he met me at the bus station and introduce, affordable (actually the price): 15000Kyat full tour all day, like to go from early morning to late at night also Always, as many points as you like. Only Indein is a special point not included in the tour, if you want to add Indein you pay 2000Kyat. Of course Indein is a great place to go so extra fees so no problem at all. Zaw Liwn's number is 0936 345 748, you can call or text him in advance to book the tour.

What will you experience through a tour of Inle Lake?

Enjoy the world of freedom between the vast sea!

Watch the Fisherman performers perform a one-legged kick, especially at dawn or dusk. You remember the time to remind the boat driver take you to the heart of the lake to watch the sunset.

Visit the Inle lake market, but the market is rotating in different locations so if you are lucky enough to see. Market schedule you see here.

Point of production of silver, watch them manipulate, silver heat and create the final product. Next to the local market and the souvenir market, the temple is opposite.

Indein is the highlight of the tour, where you will be able to visit the complex of thousands of closely-trodden temples (also called the ancient stupa).

Visit the Phra Kyaung Monastery and Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, especially the monastery with its tranquil setting, wooden bridges over the lake and Chinese-style architecture.

Tomato gardens and long bridges span the green waters, floating houses and cosmopolitan cafes. This is the place to go to Maing Thauk village by waterway.

 Discovering Nyaung Shwe:

Nyaung Shwe Central Market - Mingalar: The large bazaar includes many booths selling everything from fresh produce, dry goods, life experiences to the Inle people.

Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery: Located right in the entrance to Inle, this monastery stands out as oval-shaped doorways, especially the image of young monks sitting by the window of a feeling of watching a bar place. Distant land of the Buddha.

Red Mountain Estate: Grapevine and blooming vineyards on high hills, along with fine grape wines extracted from selected grapes, sitting and watching the sunset is the purpose I came here.

Also, if you stay longer in Inle you can go to places far away from the center like Payana Cave or Kakku, similar to Indein with many small stupas. Take these points you should hire a group taxi to save money.


The weather in Myanmar is generally quite hot, but between different seasons there will be significant differences. You need to know which season is the tourist season and what activities to plan for a reasonable. Note that Yangon time zone is 30 minutes slower than Hanoi.

Best time to visit myanmar

Starting from the end of October to February of next year, this is also the time that I strongly recommend that you spend the most time to Myanmar. In the middle of October it is still quite hot, but the heat will gradually decrease to 20 degrees Celsius in February, it is beautiful and it does not rain. But what's more worth mentioning is that this season in Bagan they will have a hot air balloon tour - here called Hot Air - Balloon. You've probably seen pictures of Bagan dawn with hundreds of Air Balloons flying in the blazing sky, this will not be seen if you go in another season. It's best to go back in November because I'm leaving in the end of October, but the number of Air Balloons is really not looking yet. This season is also accepted as the price of tour, room rates rise, sometimes not booked soon will not have beautiful rooms.

Low tourist season

From June to September is the rainy season of Myanmar, which has rainy season is tiring ah. All my trip just met a rain in Mandalay that was sad to do because nothing can do, the rain is really heavy and persistent. For mountainous areas, or as in Bagan, the rain is becoming muddy, because of the dirt road, which is difficult to navigate, and it is difficult to see the "special" sunshine of Burma.

Time left in the year

From March to May, the weather in Myanmar is extremely hot, the temperature in Yangon can be as high as 40 degrees. In places where many temples you would like to visit will be hindered by the heat that is hard to reach. Bare up But anyway going this season less tourists, cheaper prices also have its own advantages.